This year was probably the worst year ever in my 13 years of living. So much anxiety, and sadness. And yesterday I was thinking about all the things that happened in 2020 that bestowed fear unto others. These are 4 things that happened in 202 that shook the world.

  1. The Corna Virus

On January 21 of 2020, the first coronavirus case in the US was confirmed. This one case has turned into something that has depressed and opened up some people's eyes. Now I say some people because they are still people living out there who think that is deadly pandemic is a hoax and is fake. (That is a topic for another article). The Corona Virus has affected over 54 million people so far and it is not even the start of winter yet. It is predicted that by the start of this winter we would have a second wave of coronavirus, and I think that this wave has already begun because yesterday we saw a record amount of US Corona Virus cases ever. 1.31 million dead. This is the despicable disease that has killed so many people and was what made 2020 the worst year ever.

2. World War III threats

At the beginning of the year, we were all decimated and frightened because of the world war three threats after Donal Trump assassinated the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. After these, they were conspiracies flowing around that this would lead to WWIII we when watching the news we would clench our fist and hope for some good news. Luckily world war three is unlikely to happen.

3. The Australian Bush Fires

Over 27.2 million acres of land burned. That is as much as Virginia Or Ohio. 33 people killed and Three billion animals dead. That is almost about half of the human population. People put their lives in danger in danger to save animals but the help was not enough. 33 to 3 billion that is an insane amount. I think we should have protected more animals, I think we should have done better. Because this is traumatizing.

4. The Death Of George Floyd and Bryana Taylor

George Floyd: Brutally murdered by the pure stupidity of the three policemen. 46 years old and accused of actions he did not do. father of 1, happily married to a woman, a brother, a cousin, and a nephew. His death was a truly memorable one, one that will go down in the history books. His death caused peaceful protests, fires, and destruction. Human decency was forgotten by the police Derek Chauvin who killed this innocent man.

Breanna Taylor: Shot six times and killed in her own house in the middle of the night by police. A 26 year viciously murdered at the dawn of the night. She had a family and a boyfriend. Still, justice has not been served for her death.

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